Situation Refund full amount Notes
Cancellation within seven (7) days after purchase Refund full amount Exceptions apply for situations relevant to Article 17, Paragraph 2 of the ACT ON THE CONSUMER PROTECTION IN ELECTRONIC COMMERCE, ETC.
No notification on basic information or payment information Refund full amount
No notification of payment and transaction history without consent Refund full amount Notification method: SMS, email, etc.
False advertisement or excessively exaggerated advertisement Refund full amount
Cancellation of the use of an app or channel to which the user was subscribed for over one (1) month Refund after deducting the fee relevant to the period between the date of purchase and the cancellation date as well as 10% of the fee relevant to the remaining subscription period Exceptions apply when a cancellation is requested within seven (7) days after the purchase.
Refund due to the partner’s error Refund the fee for the remaining period + 10% of that same amount
User was switched to the paid app after a free trial period without giving his/her consent Refund full amount
Customer did not receive a notification after an automatic payment Fully refund the automatic payment You must notify users on their payments (amount, date and time, method, etc.) through SMS, email, or other means.
Service suspension or failure
  • - Without prior notice
    1. 1. If the service is down or faces failures for three (3) consecutive days or more than seventy-two (72) hours within one (1) month
    2. 2. If the service is down or faces failures for four (4) hours
  • - With prior notice

    If the service is down or faces failures for more than ten (10) hours despite the prior notice

  1. 1. Terminate contract and refund the fee relevant to the remaining period
  2. 2. Extend the period of use by three (3) times the total service suspension or failure period for free

Extend the period of use by the number of hours that exceeded ten (10) hours

The duration of the service suspension or failure shall be timed from when a customer notifies us or you. Service suspensions or failures time incurred by force majeure or events attributable to the customer shall not be counted.
Prior notice” refers to notifications given to users twenty-four (24) hours before the service suspension or failure.